Fully Engineered & Accounted Cost Segregation Studies

Cost segregation is the process of identifying assets and reclassifying them as personal assets or real property assets for tax purposes. This is useful because it allows the depreciation time for these assets to be shortened which can reduce taxable income, thereby increasing cash flow. Most personal assets would include additions to the building such as lighting fixtures or furniture. By depreciating these assets faster, businesses are able to potentially save thousands of dollars in taxes.

Who Benefits from a Cost Segregation Study?

Cost segregation studies are typically most useful for recently renovated commercial spaces. By completing a cost segregation study, a business may be able to find unrealized potential cash flow, lessen their tax burden, and find unclaimed past tax credits which they can then claim retroactively.

See the ELB Difference

ELB Consulting is an expert firm in the field of cost segregation studies. Our experienced team will provide a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of all aspects of your building to identify assets that can be reclassified, including those that may not be found by other companies. We look at design plans, buildings, surrounding land areas, additional fixtures, and much more to provide the most accurate and beneficial options for your business. The IRS requires qualified third-party evaluators to provide cost segregation studies and we stand by our studies with a commitment to help you every step of the way, including in the event of an audit.

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