Fixed Asset Analysis and Review

Many businesses do not realize that they may have potential sources of cash flow that are not being properly utilized. ELB Consulting offers what is known as a “fixed asset analysis” in which our highly qualified team of specialists analyze all potential assets which could include anything not part of the building itself. Many businesses might not realize that things such as furniture or fixtures can qualify as assets which can significantly increase tax deductions if properly calculated into the correct asset categories.

Many people do not realize that they are sitting on unrealized money because of the complexity and the frequency of changes of the tax code. ELB Consulting professionals have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding how to appropriately classify assets and how to gain the maximum tax deductions for the depreciation of these assets.

By allowing ELB Consulting to perform an in-depth fixed asset depreciation analysis and review, your business could potentially realize thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax deductions. Contact ELB today in order to schedule a comprehensive consultation regarding unrealized assets and how you can qualify for increased cash flow and tax deductions.