Energy & Carbon Audits

Generating Great Returns that Improve the Environment

Energenz is an international resource (energy, water, waste) management and sustainability consultancy. Energenz, and its network of Worldwide Sustainability Advisors™, provide unmatched technical expertise in the fields of energy and resource efficiency, Sustainability Management, monitoring and measurement. With headquarters in Hong Kong, Energenz also has offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Las Vegas, Macau, Singapore and Shanghai.

Why We’re Different

Energenz partners with clients over the life of a site to deliver great financial returns that improve the efficiency of natural resources. Our team is made up of leading resource efficiency experts that partner with you to deliver results. Our operations driven design, efficiency in operation and energy intelligence services deliver significant value to our clients at all stages of the building lifecycle.

Effective resource management combines technical understanding with financial and operational considerations. We bridge the gap between engineering and business operations, using our experience to make effective resource management a reality for you.

Independent View

Energenz does not have commercial relationships with any equipment vendors. Our independence ensures that you will receive advice that you can trust puts your needs first.