Construction Tax Planning

While ELB Consulting has helped countless businesses and individuals save money by analyzing their existing buildings, we are also experts in providing proactive analyses on pre-construction plans in order to maximize future tax deductions and benefits. By performing an analysis on the plans of a business or investment property, we will ensure that the property meets the most up-to-date standards of energy efficiency in order to save you the most money. ELB has successfully saved past clients millions of dollars by evaluating their construction plans and ensuring that they qualify for all available government tax credit programs.

Availablility at All Phases of Development

While choosing to involve ELB Consulting at the initial development phase will maximize the potential eligibility for tax credits, we will work with you at every step of the process in order to help your building qualify for every tax credit possible. Our qualified team will perform an in-depth analysis of everything from design plans to furniture, suggesting potential changes and improvements and ultimately, saving you the maximum amount of money before the very first day of business.

See the ELB Difference

ELB Consulting’s dedicated team of construction tax planners will go over every aspect of your business to check for potential savings and credits. This includes analyses of materials, land usage, unrealized assets, building design, and other available improvements.
Contact ELB Consulting today for a comprehensive consultation on how we can potentially help save you millions of dollars through our construction tax planning services.