Benchmarking Reports

ELB Consulting is a leading firm in providing the most accurate energy benchmark reports. Not only are these reports required for claiming tax credits, they can also highlight ways to save money in energy costs. It is essential to have accurate data to ensure that a company receives the maximum amount of money in savings and rebates.

What Is Energy Benchmarking?

Energy benchmarking is a process that involves measuring a business’s energy use and efficiency and comparing that with national standards and guidelines for recommended levels. This can be done for many reasons. Typically, for larger buildings, energy benchmarking is required for larger commercial buildings under federal or state law. In many cases, the usage and efficiency levels for a business become part of the public record so it is in the best interest of a company to have a comprehensive and reliable benchmarking service.

How Can ELB Help?

ELB Consulting will work with your company to provide the most accurate energy benchmarking assessments and uncover potential ways to improve efficiency and save your company money. The experts at ELB Consulting have experience in producing accurate benchmarking reports from the perspective of engineering as well as from the tax perspective. By taking this dualistic approach, we ensure that your company is getting the best possible information while always striving to improve efficiency and cash flow.

Call ELB Consulting today and talk with our expert staff regarding your company’s energy benchmarking needs.