Cost Segregation Studies

By completing a cost segregation study, a business may be able to find unrealized potential cash flow, lessen their tax burden, and find unclaimed past tax credits which they can then claim retroactively.

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R&D Tax Credits

Taking advantage of research and development (R&D) incentives provided by the United States government can be a very beneficial plan for businesses. Every year, billions of dollars are made available in the form of tax credits and tax reductions for qualified businesses engaging in R&D. These credits are available to businesses in a multitude of industries. R&D in the fields of engineering, architecture, medicine, and several others can qualify a firm or business for substantial R&D incentives.

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Energy and Tax Saving Lighting Upgrades

Lighting upgrades not only provide a better working environment, but can also provide many rebates and tax savings through local power company rebates, local and state tax credits, but also makes you eligible for federal tax credits.

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We can help you save even more.


Our in-house team of engineers, accountants and construction professionals has performed thousands of cost segregation studies. We have also successfully defended hundreds of our studies in tax court.


Getting started with a cost segregation analysis is easier than most people think. Provide us with a tax asset detail and address of the property you want studied and we will provide you with a free estimate of tax benefits.


We pride ourselves on keeping up with the most recent IRS guidelines which include current legislation, regulations, revenue rulings and case law. As a result, our experts provide the most detailed and accepted method approved by the IRS.

“We have been very happy with ELB’s performance. They are very accessible and responsive to our clients’ needs and their turnaround time is great! They are a wonderful outsource for our firm!”

— CRI — Carr, Riggs & Ingram — Debra M. Alberdi, C.P.A.


What makes ELB Consulting so unique in this industry is our reputation with the IRS. The IRS team that wrote the 2004 Cost Segregation Audit Techniques Guide informed us that the number one accepted version of cost segregation studies was based on our detailed engineering methodology.

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